Bay Area Graphic Design Firm

Who We Are

Tobi Designs is a San Francisco Bay Area graphic design firm, specializing in publication and brand design. Founded in 1995, we have ridden the dot-com boom and bust, expanded and contracted, moved from small office to large industrial space to backyard studio. What hasn’t changed is our commitment to using design to create better understanding, whether that is a spread in a book or a page on a website.

Founder Hae Yuon Kim has a background in magazine design, and this specialty of creating pieces that are meant to be read, has been her niche for 20 years.

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Our Brochure

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Why the flying fish?

When I was in the planning stages of launching my business, the flying fish kept showing up and I took that as a sign. It’s emblematic of the process that happens when a client calls us to help them on a project. As professionals outside the organization, we approach the project with expertise and a perspective that is hard to have when you are immersed in your brand, your issues.

A fish with wings—we think they’re quite amazing.

Pink wing flying fish taking off. Government photo from NOAA.
Pink wing flying fish taking off. Government photo from NOAA.