Hae Yuon Kim, Creative Director

Hae Yuon Kim, creative director, Tobi Designs

Tobi Designs Staff

I was once at a conference where the participants took a personality test. While I don’t remember the name now (It wasn’t Myers-Briggs—ENFP, if you’re curious.), I do remember the results indicated a type that was in equal parts analytical and creative. I believe this a strength that I bring to my business and to my clients’ projects.
I have a real passion for understanding my clients’  goals and creating communications pieces for them that achieve those goals. To me there’s nothing more powerful than the synergy of marrying image and text.

I was born in Korea and moved to the midwest with my family when I was six. I came to California to go to college and have remained in the Bay Area ever since. I’ve settled in Oakland where I co-parent my teenaged son. When I’m not in front of my computer, I’m at the beach playing in the waves (with my wetsuit on) and reading.


A graduate of Stanford University (’85) BA in Painting and Printmaking, Hae Yuon spent seven years as an award-winning designer for Macworld Magazine (1988–1995) prior to founding Tobi Designs in 1995.

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