What We Do

Tobi Designs is a graphic communications studio, with special magical powers to help clients hypnotize their target audience into complete buy-in to their message…

Okay, we don’t actually hypnotize, but we collaborate enthusiastically and actively with our clients to create powerful and effective tools in persuasion.

We believe that content and design are equally important—by addressing your goals and the needs of your target market, our work not only communicates, but gets a positive response.

So there’s really no trick here, unless it’s about putting our collective imaginations and vision into the hat and saying, “Presto!” Plus, our clients tell us that we’re fun to work with. Maybe it’s because we love what we do.

In a world full of visual and informational noise, we help our clients stand out by delivering their message as simply and as effectively as we can.

Our Capabilities

  • Art and design direction for new publications
  • Re-design of existing publications
  • Creation of templates and stylesheets
  • Creation of publication style guides
  • Brand discovery and definition
  • Brand identity design

What is a Publication?

Print publications can take the form of annual reports, magazines, books or newsletters. They share essential characteristics: multiple pages and editorial content. Design-wise, they also share the challenge of engaging the reader. This is where we shine—we excel at the design and organization of pieces that contain a variety of content and art. We design things that are meant to be read.

Why Print Publications?

There are a great deal of communications published online, but we feel that print is still the preferred medium for conveying permanence, import, and authority. Our job is to use design to ensure that a reader of one of our print publications has an experience that is pleasing, powerful, and productive. Although we are experienced in both online and print media, we champion the strengths of print. In fact, our motto is: “If it has pages, turn to us.”