ACERA Annual Report

Case Study

ACERA Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and Annual Report to Members



Alameda County Employees’ Retirement Association (ACERA), Oakland


ACERA is the public employees’ retirement organization that manages and administers a $6.6 billion fund for retirees and current employees of Alameda County. For 10 years, Tobi Designs developed the concept, art direction, design and production of the 80+-page CAFR and the 16-page summary report to members.


Before coming to Tobi Designs, the CAFR suffered from choppy editorial that lacked smooth, readable flow. The report’s design was dense and off-putting. While the level of detail had to satisfy Government Financial Accounting Office requirements, senior management knew that most members did not bother to read it. It was a tremendous waste of paper as the CAFR grew to over 120 pages over the years.


We kept the larger CAFR book for government filing purposes and also created a much more widely distributed 24-page summary report. We put a copywriter to work making the report more readable and approachable, used pictures of actual association members and used a page layout that created a better balance between text and images.


We increased readership and acclaim from colleagues at other retirement systems is common.

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