dotCEO Magazine

Case Study


Chief Executive Group, New York City


The client had been publishing Chief Executive Magazine for 23 years when they decided to launch a new title aimed at dot-com CEOs


Concept, art direct, design, and produce a closed-circulation magazine that would be appealing to a new breed of CEO and reflect the cutting-edge nature of the industry.


In consultation with the client, and based on editorial research, we laid out a magazine whose style mirrored the “new breed” CEO and how they get and process information. The graphics sought to be cutting edge while observing sound principles of design and readability. This project was an opportunity for us to work with illustrators and photographers around the country. We negotiated all the contracts and supervised all the are assignments.


The 64-page premiere issue debuted in January 2001 and received great response from the client and readership studies conducted after its launch.