Client Tools

Building a strong, on-going relationship with our clients allows us to do our best work. It can take several projects to really get to know you and your products or services. We build on that knowledge and experience to give you the level of service that you want. We are also able to better provide you with the level of quality that comes from knowing your needs well.

Everyone always wants to know how much it will cost. By providing some general information about our pricing practices and policies, we hope that you can quickly figure out whether we are a good fit. (And avoid any fainting spells or wasted time.)

We first consult with you to get to know each other and assess whether we are a good fit for your project. After getting the details of what, when, who, where, we prepare a cost estimate with a proposal that outlines what we plan to do, how we will do it, and the deliverables.

We look for mutually respectful and beneficial relationships with our clients. We look for clients who have marketing budgets of a minimum of $25,000 for design services per year. We may consider one-time projects, but we generally don’t take on projects that have less than $5000 budgeted for design.

Most of the time, we provide our clients with the final printed pieces. But, we are happy to deliver files to your printer although that means we don’t have the quality control that we like to have.

We require 50% deposit for first-time clients. For large projects, we request one-third to confirm the contract, one-third at the delivery of design comps, and the final third at the delivery of final pieces. Printing and other expenses are billed monthly.