Tobi Designs on TV


Well, ok, it wasn’t exactly a major documentary, an awards show or even a background scene in Nash Bridges, but one day, there we were on the 6 o’clock news all the same. After failing in our 6-month-long effort to get a replacement for a defective office chair, we turned to KGO’s consumer help show, 7 On Your Side. These guys were great! Within two days of their “speak softly but carry a big stick” approach, a shiny new replacement chair was delivered. A day or two later a film crew was dispatched to our studio to shoot a little segment on the triumph. Shortly afterwards, during what must have been a mighty slow news week, the grateful staff at Tobi Designs was broadcast in a feature during the evening news hour… earnestly telling our sad little tale with the happy ending. We are very pleased with our new ergonomically correct office chair and we take our hats off to the guys on white horses at 7 On Your Side!