Polar Express

Case Study


Chron­i­cle Books, San Fran­cis­co and Warn­er Bros.,  Los Angeles


The Polar Express is a trea­sured children’s pic­ture book writ­ten and illus­trat­ed by Chris Van Alls­berg. Tom Han­ks bought the movie rights for the book and Richard Zemeck­is cre­at­ed an ani­mat­ed fea­ture movie based on the book.


Cre­ate 144-page cof­fee-table art book that fea­tured the con­cep­tu­al art that went into the mak­ing of the movie and get it into stores before the movie opened, a 5‑month timeframe.


We met with the asso­ciate pro­duc­ers and head of the con­cep­tu­al art team and cre­at­ed a unique review process that enabled edit­ing and proof­ing to take place in a more time­ly way than usu­al­ly hap­pens with this kind of project.


The book came out in stores in August 2005, and was already in its third print­ing by the time the movie opened in November.