Tobi Designs on TV


Well, ok, it wasn’t exact­ly a major doc­u­men­tary, an awards show or even a back­ground scene in Nash Bridges, but one day, there we were on the 6 o’clock news all the same. After fail­ing in our 6-month-long effort to get a replace­ment for a defec­tive office chair, we turned to KGO’s con­sumer help show, 7 On Your Side. These guys were great! With­in two days of their “speak soft­ly but car­ry a big stick” approach, a shiny new replace­ment chair was deliv­ered. A day or two lat­er a film crew was dis­patched to our stu­dio to shoot a lit­tle seg­ment on the tri­umph. Short­ly after­wards, dur­ing what must have been a mighty slow news week, the grate­ful staff at Tobi Designs was broad­cast in a fea­ture dur­ing the evening news hour… earnest­ly telling our sad lit­tle tale with the hap­py end­ing. We are very pleased with our new ergonom­i­cal­ly cor­rect office chair and we take our hats off to the guys on white hors­es at 7 On Your Side!